Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cartel MGM - Kilo Lingo (Hosted By Trap-A-Holics & DJ Spinz)

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  1. This is eduardo fron dalton georgia, i know joe swisha and markoe. I know somebody who's homless but has seriously a lot of lyrical skills. Like i know this kid seriously has talent. IF there is anyway he can get a shot at being heard. HE just needs somebody to give him a chance to be heard and you might be the only hope there is. Hes shy but his skills speak for him. Believe me ive never tried to get anybody head before. I do it for him bc i trully feel like if anybody he needs it the most and he has the skills too deserve it more than anybody i know , hes the one. Im not trying to get anything in return from this, i would just feel comfterble just knowing that he at least got the chance to take a shot at it. I know if he could do it on his own he would but he simply doesnt have anything. If i had guap i would give him what i could you feel me. This dudes passion is music. This kid seriously has notebooks and notebooks filled up with nothing but the illest verses. All i ask is for him to get the chance to show and prove. Let me know if and or what i can do please..