Friday, February 11, 2011

Waka Flocka Interview With AllHipHop (Top 5 Dead Or Alive)

Corporate Rap, nepotism, perfect timing—several theories are being used to explain Juaquin Malphurs’ ability to capture the Hip-Hop spotlight. Is Waka Flocka’s music a disturbing display of what’s wrong with Hip-Hop? Or, does his contribution to the craft demonstrate that Hip-Hop is a living, constantly expanding, genre? Whether he is classified as a Fraggle Rock rapper, or an ascending artist, his sophomore release, Triple F Life: Friends, Fans, & Family, is on the way. Enduring the critical maelstrom associated with his debut, Flockaveli, Waka Flocka’s confidence and character has been continually tested. He is still here and he is still going hard. Many frail MCs have folded under half the pressure that Waka has withstood. Before taking the stage, in a small backstage room, Waka Flocka Flame reveals to which five MCs are among his Top 5 Dead Or Alive.

Waka Flocka: Y’all mind if I smoke? Only if you share. We have a section called our Top 5 Dead Or Alive; I want to know which five MCs made this list for you, and why.


Waka Flocka: I have educated myself to understand the music that I grew up on. As I feel, in this current state of mind, I would say Tupac. Why Tupac; because, I can relate to all of Tupac’s music. When I was a little kid [his music] helped me through my struggle. It touched every aspect of my life. Just hearing his music, and his melodies, he made me walk through life better. He just made me feel like I had hope. Is there one track, or album, that always stands out every time that you hear it?

Waka Flocka: Yep, one song, “Keep Ya Head Up.” That ‘…ooh child things are going to get easier / ooh child things will get brighter / keep your head up…’ That right there is my favorite song in the whole world. After, ‘Pac, who’s next?


Waka Flocka: After, ‘Pac, it’s my boy, Eazy-E. I would say Eazy-E; because, he’s just gangsta! He just had that, ‘I don’t give a f**k attitude, ‘I’m Eazy. You gotta love me for me, or else you can throw it out the window.’ His first album, Eazy-Duz-It, was more of a collaborative effort than a true solo project. Do you feel some sort of way when people use ghostwriters as opposed to writing their own lyrics?

Waka Flocka: I respect people who write their own lyrics; that’s all I can say. What else about Eazy-E stood out the most?

Waka Flocka: His personality! Yeah, he’s thuggin’. That’s Eazy, that’s always gonna stand out. After Eazy, who’s next?


Waka Flocka: I would say Nas. Nas’ lyrics will educate you. You’ll listen to Nas and be like, ‘Gaddam, that was some clever ass s***.’ It will make you think and question life. If you haven’t been educated, he will educate you on his theories. He is a positive person; so, I respect Nas.

Everybody knows who Nas is. He’s been made history. His legacy speaks for itself. He’s Nas; he’ll always be hard. After Nas, who is number four?

Waka Flocka: Number four, who is my number four? Dead or alive.


Waka Flocka: I would probably say—[pause] I don’t know. I don’t know. Damn, that’s hard. For number four, I’ll say Waka Flocka. I love Waka Flocka, that’s my favorite rapper! [snickers] Why Waka Flocka, what’s so great about that guy [laughs]?

Waka Flocka: It’s just his attitude. I don’t give a f**k about what you think. I’m going to be who I want to be. A lot of people doubted me. But now, it’s a lot of people that are chasing the same sound of the music that I make. On the inside, I’m looking at it like, I’m winning. On the outside, I don’t care what the world thinks.


Waka Flocka: My fifth rapper, I would say, Jay-Z, because of his legacy, his swag, his position as a businessman. He wasn’t afraid to change. He’s just Jay-Z.

The Sidebar:

“I dropped my album, Flockaveli. Get it, get the album, download it on iTunes. I got my own label Brick Squad Monopoly. Yes, I’m always looking for artists—R&B singers, Pop [artists]—it don’t matter. I got my mixtapes about to drop, Salute Me Or Shoot Me, Vol. 3, for DJ Trapaholic, Benjamin Flocka. They’re going to see it! Benjamin Flocka, I’m going to drop that with DJ Love Deniro, probably in March. I’m going to drop Lebron Flocka James, Vol. 3, with DJ Holiday. Then I’m going to drop my album, Triple F Life. We go hard!”

“I don’t even think about it. I just let time pass and listen to my music as my sense of self increases. If I’m going to make a legacy I’ll make one. I’m just living.” - Waka Flocka Flame

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